Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today's appointment...and then some.

Today was my appointment to see if my TSH levels are high enough to go through therapy next week. Before you get all excited, I don't know yet. I'll find out in the morning. Why are you reading this? You must be bored. Read all you want. I really shouldn't be doing this so late, but my mind races at night. Kinda drives me nuts sometimes. Outlets are nice though and this has certainly been the outlet I hoped it would. Actually, I was thinking earlier today that I thought it was going to be a gripe fest. I thank God it hasn't been. Well, not too much anyway.

I LOVED my appointment today!!! Seriously! It was a blessing in several ways. It brought me a step closer to being done with this thing, even if my levels aren't high enough. I walked in, they looked at me and said, "Come on in, Miss Morgan." This makes three times I've been there and they already know me by name. Sure, they were expecting me, but it made me feel good. I got there a few minutes early, so I went to potty. Hey, you're the one that decided to read this. I did down a lot of tea on my way. (Milo's to be exact. Yum E!) When I'm on a normal person diet, I don't get tea, so it's been awesome. Anyway, I came out, sat down, grabbed a magazine and the nurse said, "Come on back with me." She prepped me to take my blood and let me tell you that the last time she drew blood, I didn't even feel the needle go in! I didn't know that was possible. I felt it come out, oh yea, and it left a terrible bruise. I felt it this time, but no big bruise... yet. I do NOT bruise easily. I NEVER bruise. Strange. Anyway, she said, "How are you feeling? Pretty terrible I imagine?" I said, "Well? ...yea." She laughed and said she liked my hesitation because most people start in griping right there. I told her how I felt worse a couple of days ago and a few really rough nights, but that for some reason the last couple of days hadn't been so bad. She said, "That's good! Most people that come in say they've been hit by a Mac truck!" I said, "I just feel like I've been hit by a little one." She laughed and told me she liked my attitude. I told her it was much better than sitting around feeling sorry for myself. She said, "and knowing that this is almost over has to help." I said, "EXACTLY. I'm almost done... I hope". By that time, the blood was drawn and my Carebear Band-aid was on. Just kidding. It was a plain, regular, boring adult one. She was putting my blood in it's little nook and said, "MOST of these come back fine". I said, "Good! Any chance I'll know today?" She said, "No. Sorry. It'll take it until about 7:00 to be ready and I won't be here then." So, she said call me in the morning between 8:00 and 10:00. Surely they're high enough. I have been SO good! Not bragging. I was just worried I would really stink at this diet, but it's not been quite so bad. She asked me more about how I felt and I told her I was achy earlier in the week and that my right knee hurts, I'm sluggish and weak, but not a lot of pain. She said lots of people come in with terrible pain and said a couple have even ended up in the ER it was so bad. GAH! I knew I was blessed, but WOW! I just feel really, really BLAH. I went to bed last night with hardly any pain to speak of. Praise the Lord! That is my only explanation! See, if you seek Him even in the storm, He's there. He NEVER lets go. We're the idiots that let go of HIM. There are so many verses I read tonight watching a couple of songs on youtube that I'll share in another blog that really are perfect for me right now. I heard three songs specifically today that were meant for me. I'll share them in the next blog, too. This one is already doomed for you not finishing it... if you've gotten THIS far. Bless your heart!

So, my appointment was finished and I walked out the door without even having to make a copay. What's up with that? There are not a lot of things in this world that I can truly say I dislike, but writing a check for my copay to "The Center for Cancer Care" just gives me the heeby jeebies (is there a correct way to spell that?). *Shiver*. I don't like it. BUT THEN AGAIN... I'm thankful for it. I was thanking God today for giving people knowledge to even KNOW about cancer, much less find it and treat or cure it! It's amazing! How do they know?! Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible and many many many many many other things tell me so. Sometimes I call my scar my "Jesus loves me scar". That's another blog for another day.

My appointment was seriously like 3 minutes long. I've never had to wait long in there. I heard on the radio this week that the Radiology Department at Huntsville Hospital just won some kind of 1st place award in the state. Makes one feel good that is about to be dealt with by them (notice I didn't say "deal with them"). I'll try to be a good patient, I promise. I won't ask for much!

Which reminds me... my sister was going to come and get me today just to take me to my appointment. She insisted. I insisted she didn't, especially until we knew how I was feeling. Not great, but not too bad is how I felt. I just couldn't justify her driving 2 hours here, then an hour + to Huntsville, that hour + back, then another 2 hours home. Sure, she could have spent the night tonight, but still, that's SIX plus hours for 3 minutes. NOT gonna happen. She insists that she and my niece are coming to pick me up on Sunday. I doubt I'll let that happen unless I'm truly feeling terrible. I will NOT feel terrible. I will NOT. I really want to go to church. I probably won't be able to sing, but I don't care. I'm so sluggish and run down that it has taken a toll on my voice. I have no congestion whatsoever, but it sounds like I have a horrible case of... something. I don't know what. My body is just so tired and fatigued that I sound super froggy. It's annoying. I try to clear my throat and nothing happens because there's nothing there to clear. I try to sing and it ain't happening. THAT has been a hard part of all of this. It'll come back though. It's just NO fun not being able to sing. UGH!

After my appointment (SERIOUSLY? Are you STILL reading?!), I went to The Fresh Market. I swore I wouldn't go back to Wal-Mart. Well, I did, but that's beside the point. I thought while I was there, I'd see what the hoopla was all about. That place was awesome! Ex-PEEEEEN-SIVE, but awesome. I saw the most gorgeous tomatoes I've ever seen. They must have weighed like 10923807 pounds each, too! Here, I took a pic. Call me crazy, I don't care.

Fresh fruit out the wazoo. I wish I were more experienced with fruit, like star fruit and some other exotic one's that you don't usually see in a Russellvillian/Albertvillian grocery store. Fresh rhubarb? What the heck? Sun dried tomatoes, freeze dried strawberries, fresh something I've never seen. Looked like white blackberries. Anybody want to take a guess on that one? They had these kabobs. I HAD to buy one. It looked gorgeous. Expensive, like I said, but what the heck. You only live once. It has fresh mushrooms, bell peppers (I don't usually care for, but I can take 'em or leave 'em), tomatoes, purple onions (YUM!!!) and maybe some other things. Non-seasoned, mind you. I wish I had a grill to cook them on tomorrow night. :( Oh well. Why would one person need a grill? I almost bought some fresh beef, but I'm about sick of beef. I did buy some naked wings. They were SO good. Already ready already, too. That was supper on the way home. I also found unsalted mixed nuts. Grabbed me up a bag. Have you priced nuts? GAH! Highway robbery, I'm tellin' ya! I also found unsalted pretzels, which quite remarkably resemble the taste of cardboard. So, if you like cardboard, I highly suggest unsalted pretzels. Maybe I could put them on my imaginary grill with my veggie kabobs.

THIS is SO funny... I just LedOL thinking about it again!!! I was asking the chick about how the "Natural Chicken" was cooked and all. She was telling me and even offered to get a label so that I could see it before I bought any. How nice! A lady came up beside me that must be a regular there. She was talking about wanting a split-breast BBQ style. So, the chick said to me, "I'll be back with you after I grab her breast". HAHAHA! She looked at me and her eyes got big. She embarrassed the snot out of herself, so I just pretended I didn't take it that way. I had to look down in my buggy and compose myself to not howl! It was hilarious! One of those moments where you REALLY want to laugh but know you shouldn't! Poor chick. TOO funny!

THAT was the highlight of my day. Week. Maybe even month.

I really enjoyed my first trip to The Fresh Market. Seriously? I may want to go there for supper/lunch/breakfast, whatever it's going to be when I get out of the hospital NEXT WEEK. They had 9238470180195801987340987098 different kinds of cheese. I know. I counted. I wanted to cuss. It all looked so yummy. I haven't had cheese in... sixteen days? THAT, my friends, is a first by FAR. What I did NOT like about it was my total. Cha-CHING! Gah. I got WHAT??? Whatever. It's not an everyday thing. That may be the first and the last.

I must admit that I had a bit of road-rage today. I used to be horrible about that. I had to be the fastest thing on the road. Oh my gosh. It's 12:41 AM. Anyway, after a few speeding tickets, I slowed my tail down and realized it'd still be there when I got there and it was OK for people to pass me. So, I'm pulling out... somewhere, merging in Decatur, I think. That's irrelevant. Anyway, I had to look to switch lanes and this guy had a nutty butty. You know the store-bought ice cream cones with chocolate and nuts on the top? I said, "Jerk!" because I can't have one. Then I apologized. He didn't know. (He didn't see me say it).

I asked God to show me something today. Not specific, just to show me something. I saw and heard several things, but one was a beautiful sunset. I pulled off the side of the road and took a pic of it. Then, just a few minutes later, a herd of deer crossed the road. I couldn't get a pic of them. I tried, but they ran into the woods. There were probably 6 of them. I LOVE wildlife. Checkout my up close and personal pic of a mama bear and her 2 cubs on my MySpace sometime. Anyway, I said, "Thanks, God. That was pretty awesome!"

And just for fun, here's another pic I took last week. I just couldn't resist when I saw it shining in the sun and the skies were SO blue!!!

Isn't that pretty? Aren't you glad I learned to add pics to my blog? Not very customized or framed, but it's there!

Goodnight. It's late. More later. Like everyday this week, I'm going to get up as usual and see how I feel. I hope to make it to school tomorrow. Sure, some say it's Friday, and not just any Friday, but the Friday before Spring Break. Why go? I say "because it's one of my few, precious sick days". I did find out that I have enough sick days to not have to borrow from the sick bank. I don't know HOW I managed THAT. It's a God thing. Now, off to bed I say!

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  1. Carrie you are so awesome. I am sitting here at work on Friday at 10 minutes till 4. I want to go home so badly. Your blog has just made me laugh out loud! You have such an amazing attitude!! I just love it. The "breast" story was hilarious! I almost peed in my pants!

    Hang in there girl you are almost there. I hope your levels are what they need to be! love you and take care