Thursday, April 9, 2009


Let's lighten this subject tonight, shall we?

I feel like all I've done lately is complain to anyone and everyone. That's not like me. I really don't like to complain. Sure, we need to sometimes, it's natural, but gah! I need something else on my mind tonight, so I was thinking about some blessings I've recently experienced instead of drama.

I used to get Chronic Bronchitis. The last time I had it, I had it several times in a row. I'd get rid of it, then it'd come right back. It was taxing. I was in my first year of teaching and miserable because it just would not go away. I ended up in the ER (one of only three times in my life... THAT in itself is a blessing) with it and was told that if I didn't get rid of it that time, I'd have to go see a neurologist for lung punches, later to find out that's where they biopsy your lungs. NO, thankyou!!! I realized recently that last trip was right at FIVE years ago!!! FIVE years and I've not had Bronchitis. Thank you, Lord!

I ALWAYS get a horrible sinus infection around Christmas. I made it this year without one. In fact, I managed only to get a little cough and lost my voice a few weeks ago for a few days. That's it. I made it through winter with barely a cold to speak of. WOW! WHAT a blessing! That's unheard of!

It may sound strange, but I praise God for the minor case of Poison Ivy I got in September. It drove me nuts itching until I HAD to get it seen about. Pics I saw on the internet were FAR worse than what I experienced. That Poison Ivy, as dramatic as it sounds, may have saved my life because while I was at that appointment, I said "and by the way, I found this lump in my neck..." The rest is (soon to be!!!) history.

I don't know why I decided to share that. I just didn't really want to get on her and whine for a few paragraphs. I've felt really ookey today and I think that made me feel better. I'm in God's hands and I'm sure that's why I haven't been sick. My focus needs to be on God ALWAYS. A part of a song came to mind this morning, "and I will praise You in the storm". That needs to be a constant in my heart. If I didn't have this "storm", I wouldn't be getting better. I wouldn't be working my way to becoming healed. God knows what He's doing and that is comforting even when I have ookey days or weeks. He is my everything. Why let Him down just because we don't feel well for a moment? Storms are meant to be had. He's there. His here. He is always with us. He will never let us go.

God is good ALL the time, and ALL the time, God is good! Thanks for reading. G'night.

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