Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 14, A Better Day

So, yea, I got up last night and griped. I hurt! I did end up laying my arm in a sink full of hot water for a few minutes. It helped! I also took some more Tylenol. It kept hurting, but I was finally able to get to sleep. In my bed. Woke up several times with it hurting and uncomfortable, but I got more sleep than the night before. Got up this morning and wasn't feeling well. My stomach was ookey. GAH! Maybe that's been a good thing. I realized today it's helped me to not crave anything. I eat because I know I need to. It would not be a good thing for me to dehydrate, much less pass out!

I don't feel great, but I do compared to the past several days and this morning. There is no explanation. I haven't taken anything since about 10:00 this morning, when I officially got up. I took a nice, hot shower later this afternoon and that made me feel lots better! I got a lot done today from home school-wise. We're going on a trip soon and I was organizing some last details about it. I think I might actually make it to school tomorrow. I really don't want to miss church either. I'll just have to take it easy.

I went up to the school today for Show Choir practice to leave some CD's. From there? Wal-Mart, the cursed. I love Wal-Mart otherwise. What one place can supply one's needs so effortlessly? I had to get material for Show Choir. I had to get some Sprite and Pepto and Aspercreme. So, on my way in, cashews catch my eye. Of course they're salted. Hmmm... wonder if they have any that aren't. The nuts are close to the cokes, so I take a gander. Why not? I need something crunchy to snack on. Celery and natural peanut butter is getting old. I don't really even like celery that much. No nuts to be found without salt. Oh well. So, I turn around to go the other way and something catches my eye. WHAT? I looked for that BOTH times I spend three + hours reading labels! Unsalted potato chips? You've GOT to be kidding me! It was THE only bag. It was sitting in front of other bags, but no other unsalted potato chips to be found. Period! So, what then, can you eat with unsalted potato chips? Not salsa. Although it's good for me, it's loaded in salt. Guacamole? Let's see. "Ingredients:" Oh gah. Here we go. Not again, but I've just GOT to have something to go along with my newly found treasure. I rarely ever snack, and never on chips if I do, but when you can't have this and can't have that... you get the point. "Ingredients: blah, blah, blah, blah, contains 2% or less of the following: blah, blah, blah, blah salt, blah blah blah". Less than 2%? I'm game! It was decent. I was not about to read any more labels.

So, I go on with my list. Milo's tea, check. Material, check. Uh oh. Clearance. I feel a little weak. Maybe I should skip the clearance this time. I am now the proud new owner of a lamp. Soap, check. Aspercreme, check. Pepto, Hey! Here's a 75 cents off coupon. Cool! They have a new cherry flavor and it doesn't have Red Dye #3. Cooler! I have been wanting a lamp and picky about it, so it wasn't actually an impulse buy. $35.99 marked down to $9.99. I'll take it! AND I like it! Mt. Dew, I don't usually drink you. You are bad for me, but I can have you right now. $1.38 for 20 ounces? GAH! Ok, whatever.

I got out of there with just a few things that weren't on my actual list. It's OK. I didn't go overboard like I sometimes do.

So, I'm wondering why I'm not hurting. It doesn't make sense. I felt ookey this morning, but have felt much better since that hot shower. My arms were fine. My legs didn't feel too badly walking around in Wal-Mart. Strange. The past few days I've had trouble just walking around the house. I had even planned for someone to go with me and get the things on my list while I got material (had to use a Purchase Order from school, so nobody could do that for me). I told her nevermind, I'd do it. What has made me feel better so suddenly? There is no explanation. I haven't had any Tylenol since about 10:00 this morning. My arms did start hurting a little while ago. I rubbed some Aspercreme on them and it's like magic. My right arm hasn't bothered me to much today at all. Maybe I shouldn't question it. It's just baffling. I haven't done anything differently. Maybe it was all those veggies in the soup I had yesterday? God is pretty cool. I kept thinking, "It only gets worse from here", but I got better. I'm not sure that's supposed to happen. Sure, I'm sluggish and I really have to tell my fingers what to do, but compared to how I've felt the past few days, it's hardly anything. Woohoo! I'm anxious to know how I'll feel tomorrow. If I feel this well, I'm going to school and church without a second thought. YAY! Still taking it easy, of course.

I posted a link on my Facebook page last night of a song that I think is beautiful. I just posted it because I like the song. On the side was Psalm 91. I didn't even read it before I put it up there and someone commented on it. I read Psalm 91 and it was an awesome read! God shows you things when you least expect it. I am loving the way He uses other people to show me things and teach me things. He is my comfort. I know this "battle" will not last much longer.

I watched Yes, Man tonight. Got it for $1 in the Wal-Mart vendy thingy. Why didn't I think of a DVD vending machine? Anyway, it was pretty good. Not a very long movie, but it took me forever to watch it. You see, God has blessed me that I have people that care about me that I had to pause or keep rewinding it due to calls and text messages. Not many people. I'm not a person of thousands of friends, but it was nice to get a little aggravated and then realize, "Hey, there are people out there that care." How are they supposed to know I'm trying to watch a movie? God has blessed me far beyond what I deserve. HE is the only explanation that I have felt the way I have the latter part of today. I have done nothing differently than other days. Maybe I'm just getting used to feeling like this, but if so, that comes from Him, too. Pretty cool.

Here's hoping I'm able to get up and go to school tomorrow. Hopefully I can make it. My stomach still feels gross. Maybe God has given me that sensation so that I don't care anything about running to Taco Bell for a Mexi-melt right now, or craving one of those places I mentioned last night, or whenever it was. My last couple of days are running together. I can't explain the not craving things besides God's help either. OK. Maybe I've craved Pizza Hut a little, but really, I can't think of anything else I'm craving. The kids are going to do a Pizza Hut fundraiser, so that's probably why. It's been on my mind, but still, it's not a maddening craving.

Two weeks from today... WAIT! ONE WEEK from today... WOW!!! ... I will be spending my first overnight stay in the hospital (except for when I was born. Seems like I was only there for 2 or 3 days then anyway). I'll be killing some thyroid/cancer cells right about now. My throat may hurt, I may get really sick to my stomach and I will probably be sick of taking showers, drinking, peeing, and eating Lemon Heads (which I should probably get my hands on more of between now and then), but that's OK. It'll be here. It'll be real. It'll be closer to the end of this! Praise God! Wow, I really was thinking it was still 2 weeks away. Tomorrow will be 2 solid weeks I've been off meds and on this diet. Time FLIES! I was so occupied with other things, awesome things (church services) last week and the week before for that matter that it has flown by.

I enjoyed seeing some... what are those called? Oh yea, people today. Hadn't seen a face since Sunday evening. That's not fun sometimes! Yikes. I better get used to it. Maybe next week will go as quickly as these past 2 have. That's all for now. I'm going to go to bed now and have a great day tomorrow!

God is amazing all the time. All the time, God is amazing.

Peace, love, and fried chicken fingers.

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  1. Keep hanging in there Carrie! You are doing great and you are going to be great! I just know it! Love you!