Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 5

So, I figured I'd be going crazy about now...

Honestly? This low iodine diet is not easy to find things you can eat. Americans use salt in every little thing. It's a wonder we're not preserved for a million years! I'm surprised there's not salt in sugar!

Honestly? I was afraid after my long day and our rehearsal Friday night that I wouldn't make it through the cantata this morning without at least having to sit down, and really thougth I wouldn't make it through twice. With a littlle leaning on the pew beside me towards the end of the second time, I made it fine and they did an incredible job! Exhausted? Yes. They are SO talented! I am tremendously blessed and thankful that God has put me where He has, especially right now in my life! I can't imagine not having the people in that church right now.

Honestly? I don't feel great, but I definitely don't feel terrible. Maybe it's coming. I may wake up in the morning and feel terrible. I'm praying I won't. I feel more tired and groggy and sluggish than anything else. I'll take that over flu-like symptoms any day! The cure? Sleep! Rest! Easy!

Honestly? GOD. That is the only explanation of me feeling decent. He keeps me going. I prayed this morning as I was directing and singing that He would help me out. I kinda had this tunnel vision thing going on and felt like I was going to... well, honestly? Hit the floor. I prayed and He gave me the strength to regain my focus and finish the cantata.

Honestly? I'm waiting to feel ookey pretty soon. I'm finished with the cantata, so if I do, I'm OK with that. It won't last long and I'll be back to my normal self soon. Do not attempt to define "normal". Thanks.

Honestly? It feels really good to get on here and share with the cyber world. I'm trying SO hard not to complain to people about the diet and how I feel. It's hard. It's really hard when people ask. I have to be honest. People are super nice to be so concerned! I am blessed. I can't say that all of these blogs will be upbeat, but that's why it's here. This has definitely been an outlet as I hoped it would.

TWO weeks to go, then therapy, then I'll be on my way to me again. Off to beddie bie. Thanks for reading. God bless you!


  1. Keep your chin up. We all know that God is looking after you...and all of your friends/family are sending you some powerful positive and healing energy.

  2. This post reminded me of the "seriously?" episode of Grey's. :) Hang in there!

  3. You're doing great, Carrie! We're thinking of you and praying for this to soon be a distant memory!

  4. Keep hanging in will be over sooner than you know!! love you!