Monday, April 27, 2009

Pizza Hut & Jesus

I mean, Jesus in Pizza Hut.

OK, so I had to go to Florence today to get some material for Show Choir. I really didn't want to go, but nobody else can do it and it needed to be done. The doc said I could go to school today, but I'd have to keep my distance from my students. I was really freaking out about that, so I prayed about it, have some days, and decided to take one last day. I'm still potentially dangerous until after the 8th day that I took the pill. Tomorrow will be 9 days, so back to school for me tomorrow! I'm actually excited! I'm SO ready to get back into real life! It's strange though. It's like getting ready for the first day of school. It's been over 2 weeks. AND the last time I went to school, I wore WINTER clothes! What's up with THAT?

Anyway, I have been feeling better today, thank GOD! (I literally have!). Still weak, but better. I wanted pizza and not just any pizza. I wanted Pizza Hut. So, I decided to do the buffet thing in Muscle Shoals on my way. I NEVER go in anywhere alone. That's just not me, but I decided to. Nobody would know me in Muscle Shoals anyway right? Right. Except...

Jesus. :)

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. EVERYthing. We may know why immediately, we may know why later, or we may never know why, but EVERYthing happens for a reason.

I was sitting there all by myself, minding my own business. This woman comes in. Sits close to me. I'm thinking, "Come ON! Why do you have to sit THERE? Well, maybe she'll at least turn her back, or side to me and not stare at me while I eat. Ugh. Are you SERIOUS? You're really going to sit there and you're really going to face me? Any other seat at that table and you wouldn't be facing me. COME ON! WHATever. Sit there and enjoy your lunch, too. It's a free country and you don't know you're bothering me." A few minutes later I notice her shirt. It says "JESUS". I felt bad. I was like, "oh. I was supposed to see that." So, then the thought runs through my head "Should I tell her I like her shirt? Am I supposed to? What if she needs to hear that? What if she doesn't? Is there anything I'm doing to tell anyone in this restaurant I'm a Christian, too? I should tell her. OK. When I leave, I'll tell her. I just have this gut feeling I should. I don't know why, but I should. Or should I? It's a gut feeling. Do it, chicken. What if she leaves before me? I'll tell her still. Will I really chase her out the door? I'll leave before she does. I came in before she did. But, I AM the slowest eater in the world. Hmmm... OK. She's talking to the waitress. She'll be a little while I'm almost done."

So, I finish up and walk over to her to tell her I like her shirt. She says, "Oh, thankyou!" I said, "Wait. What else does it say?" She said, "Oh, it just says 'Jesus heals'." I said, "Oh! Cute! He certainly does! OHHHH! AND JESUS is written in band-aids! Too cute!" "Thank you!" She said.

See the reason? I did... eventually.


  1. A great God story. Amazing how you can see and experience Jesus even in Pizza Hut. And through what seemed to be an aggrevation in the beginning. You glow girl!