Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For the LOVE

This may be where irritability kicks in. It's 2:25 AM. I finally get comfy enough to fall asleep. I woke up. Made the mistake of moving. Hurts. Everything is pretty much OK except my right arm. Feels like somebody's pulling it and stretching every muscle in it. My fingers are slow at typing. Ugh! Who do you vent to at 2:27 AM? How about the computer. Took some Tylenol. It'll probably take a while for it to kick in. Maybe I should try the couch. I really want to go to school tomorrow. Will my alarm on my phone go off at 6:00? It's been flakey lately. Maybe if I had some Aspercreme. Guess who is NOT going to Wal-mart though? EVER again? Squeezing helps. Rubbing, not so much. At least my legs are not too bad tonight. I think the movement of my fingers typing helps. Something's gotta give. Hot water. I'll try hot water. Maybe I should go to Lowe's tomorrow and ask if I can rent a hottub. Good idea. 2:33 AM.

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