Saturday, August 15, 2009

Doc appointment #3 since therapy

I went back to the doctor on Thursday. He was the Oncology Radiologist I was referred to after surgery. We decided a while ago that I will stick with him rather than seeing an Endocrinologist for my follow-up appointments. The Endocrinologist I saw before I met Dr. McCarty I did not like... not as a person, of course, but as a doctor. He had no idea why I was there and was telling me all about my thyroid problems. I had to stop him and tell him that I no longer had a thyroid. He shall remain nameless. Anyway... I really like Dr. McCarty. He is SO personable. He's funny and really takes time to dig into reasons and does a really good job answering my questions. He is very educated about the thyroid, though he is an Oncology Radiologist. I just really like him a lot and thank God that I found him. It is, however, a little eerie to see him. My copays are written out to the "Center for Cancer Care". I guess it's a reminder for me. A reminder for me to be incredibly thankful. I see people in there who are battling cancer. I saw a lady whose hair is growing back Thursday. I saw someone wheeled out on a stretcher, which was a little disturbing as I was in a doctor's office. That must have been a case that had to be taken care of right then and there. I am very fortunate that I didn't battle cancer. I didn't have to go through all that grief and torment that you usually hear coinsiding with cancer. You yourself will never know how amazing that is until you're told "You have cancer" and then you're told "You're cancer-free!" I am lucky. I am blessed. I praise God. I don't know why I had cancer... why God chose me. I'm still trying to figure that out, but I can glorify His name because I AM cancer-free!!!

So, the nurse comes in and checks my vitals. I don't ever remember my blood pressure being as good as it was Thursday! THAT is some relief right there! The last few times I've been to the doctor, they check my blood pressure and ask if that's what it usually is, indicating that it's a LITTLE high. I tell them it has been a little since surgery and they follow that with "Well, you're probably a little anxious, too". I've been walking and I really think that has helped! There's nothing else that makes sense that would have brought it down.

We talked about weight and I told her I'm having trouble losing like I want to. She said my body is still getting used to a lot and may still be in shock from everything that's happened to it lately. She said stop trying for a couple of weeks, then try again. OK. Halt. I have NEVER had ANYONE tell me to STOP trying to lose weight. HA! I can do it. I can. I just have to stick to it. I am not giving in to any kind of surgery for THAT! No way, Jose!

So, Dr. McCarty comes in and tells me that my thyroid tumor levels are at zero. I'm pretty sure that's what he said. Tumor? It's gone! He laughed and said, "That's a GOOD thing! That's EXACTLY where we want them!" The not-so-fun news is that my TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) levels are still too high, so he is going to increase my doseage yet again. In the long run, it will make me feel even better. I still feel a little strange... a little more sluggish than I feel like I should. The first medicine he put me on after therapy made my skin terribly dry and my hair fell out in clumps (thus the hair cut to give it a thicker look). He increased the doseage and that helped, even put a stop to my yucky dry skin and hair falling out. This is the part that worries me... after I changed meds last time, I was an emotional basket case for about three weeks. I had been told by a friend that has also gone through this that I would be and she said "I cried every day for three weeks". I thought, "Nah! I'm not a crier! I don't really get upset." WRONG! I REALLY don't want to go through that again, but if it means feeling better in the long run, then I'll make it. Ironically, Dr. McCarty asked how many more pills I had left of that doseage and I said, "One." I don't know how the timing was so perfect. My TSH levels last time were at an 8, which is pretty high. This time they were at 5. He wants them less than 1, so we've still got some work to do medicine-wise. Once it's regulated, which may take a while, I will feel really good. So, I start my new medicine today. You may not want to talk to me for about three weeks. You have been warned. :P The good thing is that he said this new medicine will most-likely supress my appetite and give me more energy. GOOD!

He did ask about my energy levels. I told him they were up from last time, which is an understatement. I actually met my exercise goals this week! I don't know if I've ever done that before! Sadly, I'm not kidding. It feels good! :)

Thanks for reading. I've had several people ask about my numbers and how my appointment went, so if you're one that asked, that's the gist of the appointment. More numbers were talked about, but those are the main one's. I plan on being happy. I'm going to try really hard! Next appointment: 2 months.

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